About Madi

Collingwood Magpies & Australian Diamond Netballer | Teacher | Health + Wellbeing Aficionado

I’m addicted to health and wellbeing.

Whether it’s experimenting with wacky and wonderful health alternatives, creating simple, nourishing, real wholesome food, trying natural beauty products or exploring ways to be mindful and balanced in my lifestyle – I love it all and can’t get enough.

To me being healthy shouldn’t feel like a diet, it’s a lifestyle and mindset change. I don’t believe you have to eat right all the time; life is about enjoying and living and not about feeling guilty about what you do or don’t eat.
I’ve played the guilt game many times, but what I’ve learnt is you can enjoy all life has to offer in a balanced and healthy way.
I know what my body thrives on and its taken time to learn what works best for me, both physically and mentally.

I’ve created this website to share my personal experiences and to help educate and empower women to be happy, energized and radiant in their unique bodies and self.

Madi xx